Liebster Award!

Starting a blog is a fun journey and you definitely learn something new everyday! One thing that I have loved about starting a blog is connecting with other moms and bloggers all over the world! It has been so cool meeting women in the same life journey as me going through the same or similar challenges and joys.   One mom and blogger who I have connected with has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Check out Justine at! Its crazy that we met through Instagram, but she worked with several of my friends out in Las Vegas!   Now she is doing amazing things on the other side of the country because her hubby is in the military.   Thanks so much for nominating me Justine!


The Liebster Award is a chain of awards that help people to discover new blogs. In this chain, the award is given to a number of nominees, who then pass the award on to other new bloggers, and the chain goes on. The rules for receiving the award are simple:


 Here are Justine’s questions for me:

  1. As women, it’s only natural to nit pick at yourself. So, what is your best personality characteristic and what is your best physical feature?

I would say my best personality characteristic is that I am hardworking. I really work hard for the things that I have and I consider myself an overachiever. I think my best physical feature is my hair- hence the redlocks in my shamrocks!

  1. What is a white lie you told your kids? If you don’t have kids yet, what are some white lies that your parents told you that you believed for the longest time?

I have told my two year old that the TV is broken when I didn’t want her to watch a show or that we were all out of a certain food. Sorry Logie!

  1. What is your favorite holiday and why?

I am Halloween and Thanksgiving obsessed!!! I am so STOKED they are coming up! I love these two holidays because they are about getting dressed up and eating-two of my favorite things lol.   I also love these holidays because there is no pressure to give or get gifts, its about being thankful and celebrating.

  1. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging for a creative outlet for my desire to write and to work on my hobby of photography.   So far after only having my blog for a little over a month I have gained more knowledge of photography and it has felt so good writing again! I am so happy I started Redlocks and Shamrocks!

  1. How long have you been blogging for?

I started by blog in July 2016! Newbie!!

  1. What do you love to do when you have free time?

What is free time??? Lol Do moms get free time? But in my free time I blog or watch Netflix with my husband or workout.

  1. What is your dream job?

Right now I am a mom, teacher, blogger, and hobbyist photographer.   I would love to be a blogger or photographer fulltime. Or just hit the lottery so I never have to work!

  1. If you won $500 million, what would you do with it?

Retire!!!! I would just love to be with my family 24/7!

  1. Describe your personal style.

I would say classic, chic, and girly…..or workout clothes and dirty hair there really isn’t an in between with me.  Totally dressed up or totally a mess!

  1. What morals do you hope to instill in your kids?

There are so many! But to give a general answer to be good people who treat all others with kindness, respect, and manners.

  1. What are your pet peeves?

Chewing loudly.   Yuck.

Here are 11 Random Facts About Me!

  1. My husband first said “I love you” to me under the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve. Awww.
  2. I have two fur-babies: Max a boston terrier and Piccadilly a dachshund.
  3. My parents met and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and have been together since high school.   They moved out to Las Vegas because my mom was a dancer and my dad was a musician.   They kicked it with the mob a lot during old Las Vegas!   My furniture, that’s now in my kid’s room, was given as a gift from the Las Vegas Mob. Siegfried and Roy also came to my mom’s baby shower!  So my parents are Las Vegas OGs.
  4. I have danced my entire life!! When I was younger I did competitive dance and then in college was the captain of the UNLV Rebel Girls. It was such a great experience!
  5. I turn everything into a song and dance routine. From doing laundry to breastfeeding to grocery shopping-I either I have parody song made up or a dance to it.
  6. I have super sensitive sense of smell and hearing.   I can hear a pin drop and can always tell when my husband has eaten some chocolate without me.
  7. I am a NEAT freak!!!! My house can never be clean enough! My two year old has even learned how to use a coaster for her sippy cup-you go Logie!
  8. I love iced tea and coffee!!! Yum!
  9. I have always loved to write.   I kept a journal/diary since I was in middle school all through college.   Recently found by my husband, I trashed them all due to embarrassment, maybe I will regret that, but right now I couldn’t risk him knowing all my embarrassing tales.
  10. My family is all talented.   My mom was a professional dancer-she even partnered and toured with Patrick Swayze.   My dad has self taught himself how to play several instruments- guitar, trumpet, and piano just to name a few.   My brother Michael can play the drums like nobody’s business. And my brother Matt, the most talented of all, is one of the most amazing guitarists around!! He can play anything by ear and has traveled the whole world because of his skills. My husband and I think Logan has gotten the O’Rourke gene for music (or we are at least hoping!)
  11. My family is home movie obsessed.   Back in the late 80s a “documentary” was made titled “The O’Rourkes.” This tape has been quoted at almost every family gathering and any person close enough to any of my family members has been lucky enough-or tortured- to watch it.

I’m nominating 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award!

These are some blogs that I love to read!

  1. Katy @ Raising Krazy
  2. The Bow Mommy (You have to translate her blog, but you won’t be disappointed with her Instagram feed!)
  3. Jamie @ Surviving The Bubble
  4. Mace, Emily, and Haley @ blondesense702 (I watched these girls grow up, they are all so fashionable, super cute, and doing big things!)
  5. Emily @ Just Playing House
  6. Julianna @ This Mom Life Lowe Down
  7. Ashleigh @ Sunday Comfy (Check out her photography too, its amazing!)
  8. Abby @ Up North and Personal (I love her workouts with her baby!)
  9. Tiller Trio(I love her story and that she shares her daughter’s struggle with cCMV)
  10. Sarah @ Seeing all Sides
  11. Kristyn @ Everyones Sleeping But Mom

**So I broke some of the qualifying rules for this award, sue me!  These are great blogs and great women!

Here are my 11 questions for you to answer:

  1. What has been the best lesson you have learned while blogging?
  2. What is the biggest challenge you have overcame?
  3. What is one fashion accessory you could not live without?
  4. What is your biggest fear?
  5. How do you find time in your busy day to blog?
  6. What is your all time favorite book?
  7. If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life where would it be?
  8. What was the topic of the blogpost that has gotten the most views on your site?
  9. Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?
  10. Who is the first person you call when you are upset?
  11. If money were not object, where would you go on vacation?

Thank so much Justine for nominating me on this blogger award, which is given by other bloggers! This was a very scary journey for me to start and it so great to have a positive supportive blogging community.  


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle


Redlocks Recipe: Hidden Veggie Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls2

My two year old is currently obsessed with Pizza!  Not going to lie sometimes we told her some meals are pizza when they are totally not just so she will eat them…Sorry Logie!   After a long day’s work the LAST thing I want to do is to spend time in the kitchen and not playing with my children.  😦  I am trying to find more and more recipes that are easy and Logan can help me make! That way dinner is being made and we are spending quality time in the kitchen.   (Hook a girl up if you have some of those meals!)  I have also found that Logan is more likely to eat something if she is helping with the process-even if it may slow me down.   For this Redlocks Recipe I will share my Hidden Veggie Pizza Rolls- this is not a cute “Pinterest perfect” recipe in looks but it is SUPER easy, tastes good, and can hide vegetables inside.  🙂  It took us about 15 minutes to throw together because we were on TODDLER TIME and 20mins to cook! 



  • Crescent Dough
  •  A can of Pizza Sauce
  • Turkey Pepperoni
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Organic Chopped Spinach (or any veggies of your choice to sneak in)
  • Other pizza toppings of your choice.


Roll out dough with rolling pin, make sure to use flour!   I like to lay out some parchment paper for easy clean up.  While doing this step, I cooked the spinach. 

Mix the spinach and pizza sauce together and spread on the dough.   I didn’t let Logie help on this part to keep the veggies HIDDEN!  Shhhhhhh


Sprinkle on the mozzarella cheese!  Logan LOVED this job!

Lay on the turkey pepperoni and other pizza toppings of your choice.  We keep it simple in the Doyle house. 

Carefully roll up the dough tight (note my not perfect roll…it still tasted yummy…remember I am only a supermom in disguise.)  Cut into slices…again not perfect.. spray your baking tray with Pam, place accordingly, and top with MORE cheese!

Then pop it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes and have a DANCE PARTY in the kitchen while you wait!  P.S.  If anyone wants to sponsor me in renovating my kitchen I would be all about that…just kidding…no but really, a girl can dream right? 

When the dough is cooked through and cheese is melted voila! A toddler made meal with hidden veggies!   We severed ours with some boneless BBQ chicken nuggets on our Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat!   This plate suctions to the table and is easy to clean!   Available on Amazon and at Babies R’ Us.

That’s all to it!   This was my first time toying with this recipe, next time I might go a “healthier” route and swap somethings out but all is all it was quick and easy!  If you didn’t already read about my quick and easy toddler lunch idea check it out here.

What are some dinner ideas you love??? Comment below with your favorite recipe!


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle

Redlocks Review: Nuby Designer Series Snack Keeper

Redlocks is here bringing you a product review of the Nuby Designer Series Snack Keeper!


The Nuby Designer Series Snack Keeper supports independent eating as your baby grows and develops into a toddler.   This snack keeper works wonders to hold in snacks as a toddler is running around your house or out and about! I use this product at home, in the car, out running endless errands, grocery shopping, or even at the park.   I also love the fact that the toddler can’t completely “see” whats inside.   So I can mix her favorites with some of my healthy favorites and its a surprise as she snacks on the go.



It comes in super fun colors and designs! And each part-lid, handle, bowl, comes apart for quick and easy cleaning.



The super soft lid is perfect for tiny hands to reach in and get their snack.   I don’t know about you but my toddler loves eating snacks out of containers!   This is a great way to make your own healthy snack, but still displaying it in a “fun” way.

The clever design means you can enjoy mess free snacking with fewer spills and waste!  This is also a life saver in the CAR!!!  


Lets toddlers in, keeps doggies out! 🙂

The Doyle house not only has two kids under two, we also have two crazy dogs!   The Doyle dogs are constantly following around my two year old waiting for her to drop a snack or leave a plate unattended.   With the Nuby Snack Keeper they can’t get the food!


The Nuby Designer Series Snack Keeper is of course BPA FREE and has a scratch free protective bottom.    This Nuby product is Redlocks and Shamrocks approved as is available for purchase at Babies R’ Us and Amazon!

What is your favorite on the go toddler snack to keep in your Nuby snack holder???


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle

Redlocks & Shamrocks Fashion Post: Flirty Floral!

My husband and I rarely get date nights, except for our nightly ‘kids in bed dessert date’ on the couch.   Because of life, work, and the dreaded flu taking out the whole Doyle fam one by one we even celebrated our anniversary OVER a month late!   We FINALLY got a date night to celebrate year three which gave me a reason to finally put makeup on!  When Logan saw me all dressed she even sad, “Wow mommy pretty-like a princess” which made me feel like a million bucks!  For this look I shopped at one of my favorite online stores, Lulus!   As a busy mom of two under two I do 95% of my shopping ONLINE!   What takes more effort-opening a site during nap time or loading up two kids in Las Vegas 100 degree weather to speed shop through a store???  Needless to day I consider myself an expert online shopper.  I have a few sites I love that offer free shipping both ways, Lulus is one of them!    Check out my anniversary date night look-a fun and flirty floral print dress, tied with shoes with a pop of color, and my favorite dirty hair do-a dutch braid!


I mean how cute is the back of this dress!  I am bow obsessed!


Paired with my Tori Burch necklace and vintage ring passed down from my grandmother.



Dutch Braid


Logan playing with rocks.  lol



Love these ROYAL BLUE shoes!  They offer the perfect POP of color!


Finally a date night!


Excuse hubby’s flipflops, we wasn’t completely dressed yet lol

We had such a great time celebrating our third wedding anniversary which happened on a record breaking Las Vegas heat wave of 118 degrees out! I love fashion and getting dressed up, I am a true girly girl, however you won’t see too many fashion posts on the blog because my daily look is top knot, workout clothes, accessorized with spit up…ekkk

Shop my look:

Until Next Time,


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle



A Break from the Typical Pinterest Party: Making a Birthday Special on a Budget

I am taking a relationship break from Pinterest Parties…….We’ve been in a pretty serious relationship the past few years, but I am sorry crazy Pinterest Parties I NEED A BREAK.

Pinterest Party Break

IMG_6697So I am the first to admit that Pinterest has sucked me in….sucked me in SO DEEP that the last few years all the parties I have thrown have been themed, had fancy handcrafted decor, and had food that is obviously carrot sticks and hummus but has to have an over top oh so cutesy name.     I am losing the energy people!!   Having two under two I just can’t keep up, I don’t know how some supermoms do it!  Those parties take SO much time, effort, energy and MONEY.     This year for Logan’s birthday I just couldn’t come up with the energy to throw her an over the top party which she wouldn’t even remember.   It made me think of my birthday parties I had as a little kid.   They were SO much fun!   Most of the parties consisted of pizza delivery, a decorated table covered with a plastic table cloth coordinated with matching plates and hats, and a fun decorated cake-usually handmade by my mom, the current queen of crazy-over-the-top-Pinterest-Parties.    So for Logie’s birthday she wasn’t going to get an expensive birthday party that her budgeting parents would really be throwing just for “show”  but she was going to get a MEMORABLE celebration of being TWO YEARS OLD!   Here are some of the inexpensive ways we said HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to our princess! 


Logan woke entering the world as a two year old to 30 balloons and streamers from the dollar store.   The hardest part of throwing this together was blowing up 30 balloons after bedtime….if we are keeping score on balloon blowing skills Mommy: 7 Daddy: 23.

This is the Doyle party at 6:18 in the morning….anyone else’s kids are ready to party that early?


The one thing we did spring for Logan’s birthday was her KidKraft kitchen.    The rest of the gifts in this photo (besides the blue bouncy horse from Auntie Kelli) were all from the Dollar Tree!   

It does not take much to make a two year old happy-plastic veggies and fruit- toy animals and dinosaurs-bins to organize kitchen stuff-will keep this girl happy for months.

DONUTS!!!!! Who doesn’t love a dozen Dunkin Dounts!!!  Logan got to experience her first dounut!  We also sang Happy Birthday to her for the 10th time already lol

This was very special for Logan because she rarely…almost never….gets sweets!


No fancy “I’m two” outfit for this girl….she wore a dress from Old Navy that she can wear over and over again-or at least until she grows out of it.   Instead we sprung for a number 2 balloon from our local party store.


Post nap we had family over for pizza and cake and I went SO simple…or I like to say “old school” with the decor.   This two under two momma didn’t even make it to the party store, I ordered all of this from Amazon.


Overall this two year old had the best birthday!!!  I am so happy with the decision to go low key and not throw an over the top party which would cost 100s of dollars.    However readers, I did say this was a “relationship break” from Pinterest parties, so there are no promises that for future celebrations it might suck me back in, but until then I will still dream of that pizza delivery and hit the gym for that third slice I should have put back.



Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle

A Redlocks Review: Nuby Snooize Pacifier

Redlocks and Shamrocks LOVES the Nuby brand!


Redlocks and Shamrocks LOVES the brand Nuby!   We use so many of their products on a daily basis, Logan won’t go anywhere without her Nuby Flex Straw Cup and Kohen loves his Nuby Teething Keys!  


Logan and her Nuby Flex Straw Cup

Nuby has just came out with Kohen’s new favorite product the Snoozie Plush Pacifier Holder and All Silicone Natural Flex Pacifier!   This product is avaliable at Babies R Us and is coming soon to Amazon. 

The Doyle kids are breastfed babies so they aren’t given pacifiers until pretty late in the baby game, however Kohen LOVES this pacifier.   Not only does it help sooth him, he loves playing with the cute monkey!  The natural Flex pacifier simulates the natural flexing movement of a mother’s nipple and there are nubs on the collar to help with teething and tender gums.   The pacifier is of course BPA Free, but also has a gentle curving feature away from the babies face allowing for airflow to protect the baby’s delicate skin. 

 The plush character makes the pacifier easy for him to handle putting it in and out of his mouth while soothing him at the same time.  Its also offered in a little giraffe as well. 

And how cute is the monkey!–Don’t worry moms its attached by Velco, so you can take it off to clean and sterilize the pacifier with ease or wash the plush toy if you want to go crazy!

Overall Redlocks and Shamrocks approves the Nuby Snoozie Plush Pacifier Holder and All Silicone Natural Flex Pacifier and we are adding it to the list of Nuby products we already love!


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle


Breastfeeding a Newborn with a Toddler in Tow: A Whole New Challenge.

Toddler in Tow

Breastfeeding a Newborn with a Toddler in tow: A Whole New Challenge.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, any mom can tell you that. However it’s an amazing bonding experience between your new bundle of joy and the mom that can be so relaxing and amazing.   Those “relaxing” breastfeeding sessions are over when you have a toddler that WON’T SIT STILL. I learned this very quickly when trying to nurse my newborn while my then 17 month old was climbing furniture and falling nearly cracking her head on our hard tile floor. If she wasn’t climbing furniture she was darting into another room after I got all “set up” to breastfeed.   Here are some tips I have to keep your older one entertained while trying to nurse.

  1. Give the toddler a job– burping buddy, burp cloth and water bottle retriever, or “mommy hand holder” are my favorite “jobs” for my daughter. Logan is always happy to help with things for Kohen so she loves getting his burp cloth.   She also likes to help burp her little brother by lightly tapping his back-or sometimes not so lightly, lol. Logan also is now trained to hand me any water bottle in sight at any given moment-sometimes helpful, sometimes not.   When those jobs have failed, I have asked Logie to be the “mommy hand holder” to keep me company while we sing songs.


    “Kohen burped! Skuzzz me Kohen”–Logie

  2. Books, Books, Books!-keep a pile on hand! I have a bunch of books in different baskets, which are easy to grab and move to the couch to read while nursing. I will always read my daughter a few stories to keep her entertained while her little brother eats. Now she is trained to pick out books and bring them to the couch.    She even will pick up the book basket and bring over yelling, “look at me, I’m strong!”IMG_6179
  3. Flash cards to learn ABCs, numbers, or shapes! My proud mommy moment is that Logan knows all of her letters and the ABC song before she is two years old! IMG_6178(You go Logie!) We practiced ABC flashcards a lot while nursing Kohen.  Stop by the dollar store and pick up a pack (or two because when you lose letters Q, F, and X in the couch its hard to complete all 26 letters). Or you can even make your own out index cards.
  4. Count! We practice counting baby’s tiny toes and fingers! We have counting 1-10 down pat!
  5. Master the breastfeed and WALK. Yep ever wonder how that 19 Kids and Counting lady does it? Carry the newborn attached to the boob around the house, it’s not easy but it can be done. Like I said, relaxing breastfeeding sessions are hard to come by!
  6. LAST resort- TV show or movie. I HATE this option because I don’t like my children watching TV, but sometimes it’s all you have.   If all else fails make sure you have your DVR stacked with short shows to bust out the good ole “sit here and zone out kid, so you don’t get into something you’re not supposed to” trick.   I did enjoy playing Logan the old classic Disney movies and we would watch them in 20 minute chunks taking us several days to finish.

We spend a lot of time on this couch nursing!  To the side of this couch is a toy bin filled with Logan’s toys so she doesn’t have to stop her playing for me to nurse Kohen.

Those are the few tips I have.   Now when I need to feed Kohen I ask Logan if she wants to “help me feed the baby” and she jumps for joy!   She has also pushed Kohen’s screaming and crying face into my breast and said, “Hey! Eat your boobie!” Hahaha

What tricks do you have to keep your toddler entertained while nursing? Comment below with your tricks and tips!

Until Next time XOXO

Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle


Easy and Quick Toddler Lunch- Sushi Sandwiches!

Easy and Quick Toddler Lunch- Sushi Sandwiches! Wait…I mean “circle sandwiches”

Lunch Idea

So if your toddler is like mine, they become obsessed with one type of food and want only that.  Then all of a sudden, BAM, they hate it!   I don’t know what it is with their picky pallets that make them change their mind all the time but it drives me nuts!   Logan sometimes is a great eater, then the next week she is not.   I made these Sushi Sandwiches (renamed Circle Sandwiches by Logan) for lunch to sneak in some protein.   They literally took MAYBE FIVE MINUTES to whip up.   I even made them while my crying 5 month old was in my arms.   This is so easy to make you look like a supermom in disguise!  Steps are below!



Logan holding up a Circle Sandwich


All I did to whip these up were:

  1. Flatted out a slice of bread with a rolling pan and cut off crust

  2. Lay on a slice of cheese

  3. Lay on 2-3 slices of lunch meat

  4. Roll tight like a sushi master

  5. Slice into individual circles

BAM done!   You could add veggies or maybe mayo or mustard but I didn’t want to press my luck! Bite size sandwiches easy for those toddler fingers to pick up!

Comment below with your favorite quick and easy meal!


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle

Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party! Looking back on Logan’s First Birthday

Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party!

Looking back on Logan’s First Birthday

I cannot believe my little girl is going to be two years old soon!   That first year of parenthood is a serious challenge and the milestone of your baby hitting one years old is a great accomplishment.   Logan quickly earned the nickname “Logie Bears” so throwing her a Teddy Bear’s Picnic themed party seemed fitting.    This year for Logan’s second birthday we are doing a small party with family and I will be blogging about “a memorial birthday celebration on a budget.”   Stay tuned for that post!  In the meantime, here is our princess on her first birthday!


Logan’s cute little outfit details:

Bow:  Etsy

Oneise:  Made by mom

Tutu: Etsy (After this event I figured out how to make them on my own for WAY cheaper)

Shoes:  Ross (Under 5 bucks!)


First:  Party Picnic decor!



I got these cute teddy bears from Oriental Trading for each of Logan’s little friends to “adopt.”


I made these teddy bears from a store bought spheres (on clearance, because who wants brown!) and added construction paper.   These were so easy to throw together!

IMG_0677Monthly Pictures to display of Logie Bears IMG_0678IMG_0689IMG_0693IMG_0804IMG_0808

Next stop:  Party Picnic Food!

Now to the food for the party!  I love to make AND buy food, sometimes making food can save you money, but not piece of mind.   On the other hand, buying food can be REALLY expensive which is why I like to do both.

Not pictured:  Sub sandwiches from Port of Subs.   It would have been more cost effective to make sandwiches myself, but for piece of mind I ordered a tray of sandwiches.

Cake SMASH time!

Some moms spend MAJOR money on smash cakes when the one year old barely gets any in their mouth!   I know some bakeries can charge around 50 dollars for one small cake!  That’s insane.   I spent a total of ZERO dollars on this cake.  YES NOTHING!   I talked to the bakery at my local grocery store and with buying two dozen cupcakes they threw in this small cake for free!  SCORE!

Thanks for reliving our baby girl’s first birthday party!   I can’t believe Logan will be two soon!

Until Next Time XOXO

Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle


Daddy Nursing Tips: You Don’t Got Dem Boobies, But You Got Duties!


Most mothers know breastfeeding is one of the hardest challenges of motherhood.   Nursing is something most moms want to do, not all can for many reasons, and some give up because of challenges they face.   When you are a breastfeeder- you are the cow…ugh I mean food supply. No one can give you a 2am break to get some needed sleep or a 6pm break so you can actually eat a meal with two hands.   I am very lucky that I have a 100% supportive husband for me being the only one who can feed our child.   One breastfeeding session alone can take around 30 minutes resulting in a lot of lost sleep for mommy and less chores she can do around the house. (Oh darn on that second one). Parenting is a team effort, so DADS here is where you can pick up your end of the bargain with some tips to help your wife through this challenging time.

  1. When the baby cries in the middle of the night go get them first! Yes that newborn probably wants milk but first that little bundle must be changed. This allows mommy some time to go to the bathroom or rub the crust out of her eye before a 3am feeding.
  2. After you have changed the baby and passed them off to mom make sure she has necessities: a drink and entertainment. After my husband always passes of the baby to me, he makes sure I have my phone and a bottle of water in arms reach. There is something about nursing that makes you INSTANTLY thirsty, and I’m not going to lie, if I wasn’t Instagram stalking people at 4am I would fall asleep on the job! He even stepped it up a notch and would put my hair up in a bun for me so it didn’t get tangled in the little one’s fingers. I KNOW he is amazing.
  3. Remember mommy’s job is input, your job is output. Yep, if the baby is dirty just go change them!   Once you’ve master the art of diaper changing and you’re not dealing with a stage ten blowout a diaper change can take minutes- remember breastfeeding can take almost thirty minutes.
  4. Do more chores-laundry, dishes, whatever! I pretty much a psycho when it comes to a clean house. There is nothing more frustrating to me when I am in the middle of cleaning or doing a chore when I have to stop what I’m doing to nurse. Then you just have to sit there for what feels like forever and STARE at the disaster that is your kitchen.   So if your wifey has to pause a job, finish it for her OR even better start before that little gal or little man wants to eat.
  5. When mommy is nursing give a little massage! Breastfeeding can really hurt your back and/or arms.   Personally, I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders when breastfeeding and let me tell you its an amazing feeling when my husband is rubbing my shoulders when I am cuddling my son.
  6. If you’re wifey is a working and pumping mama wash those bottles like nobodies business! Pumping at work is a whole other challenge, then you find yourself home from a long day’s work to your more important job parenthood only to have to store ounces of breastmilk every night and breast pump attachments to wash. Ugh, I’m exhausted just typing the words! Help out mommy, she took time out of her workday, so now its your turn-wash, dry, store, label, freeze.

There are my tips for you dads!  These are also not things I never asked my husband to do, these are things he just did ON HIS OWN to help me and support me through this journey.

Until next time XOXO

Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle