Redlocks Review: Mobi Ultra Pulse Themometer


One of the worst things in the world to a mother is her child being sick!  Instantly you feel a pit in your stomach, your heart is pounding out of worry, and you would do anything to trade places with your little one.  When the Doyle crew is sick we like to cuddle in bed and drink lots of fluids.  Being a mother of TWO under TWO I have had several thermometers and this one is by far the best-the Mobi Ultra Pulse Thermometer.


I have had digital thermometers that swipe across the forehead, ones that go in the armpit, and even rectal ones (sorry babes) but I am seriously in love with this one!  The Mobi Ultra Pulse Thermometer takes the baby’s temp with one QUICK touch to the forehead OR in their ear just by one click!   This product is FAST and ACCURATE!  Two crucial aspects when fighting with a fussy and sick baby to take a temp.


Personally I LOVE the forehead option because you can check the baby’s temperature while they sleep without disturbing them.   The Mobi Ultra Pulse also has a Diagnostic Fever Indicator and Memory Log allowing you to focus on caring for your child instead of writing down data like their temperature and the time it was checked. 


What else makes this product stand out from others?  It has a talking feature, can check your pulse, and has a built in flashlight! This thermometer is really ideal for all ages!


Not only does this thermometer take your temperature but it can ALSO even check nursery room temperature!! What else can’t this tiny but powerful product do? 


This product is small & portable and requires no expensive replaceable probes, just batteries that are included!   From now on this is my go to therMOMeter when my kids get sick!  You can purchase your Mobi Ultra Pulse Thermometer at Babies R’ Us


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle


Redlocks Review: Nuby Snack N’ Sip


Today Redlocks and Shamrocks is bringing you a review on a product that I now say “changed my life,” the Nuby Snack N’ Sip hitting stores this October!   There are so many cups and snack holders out on the market, but this one makes things SOOOO much easier!   I don’t know about you but getting my TWO under TWO in the car is a whole ordeal.   Not to mention all the snacks, cups, and toys that can’t be left behind-according to my two year old!  The Nuby Snack N’ Sip allows you to have one less thing in your hand as it combines a cup and snack holder!


The Nuby Snack N’ Sip holds 9oz of liquid on the bottom and 4.5 oz of dry snacks on the top!  The snack holder section snaps closed, but is easy enough for a little one to open and closed.   

The cup is NO SPILL: Logan tested, mommy approved!  The straw on the cup is a soft silicone flex straw–my favorite, as I feel it is less dangerous while running and playing with the cup in hand. The no spill valve opens with lip pressure so that the flow rate is totally controlled by the toddler.

This product is recommended for 12 months and up, but in the Doyle house we share EVERYTHING so Kohen-my 7 month old-approves too!

img_7949The Nuby product is of course BPA free and comes is fun colors and prints.   The Nuby Snack N’ Sip is coming to Babies R Us this October!

As I am writing this blog and Logan saw the pictures of herself using the Snack N’ Sip cup she ran around the house looking for it!  She is obsessed! I hope you enjoy this product as much as Logan and I do!


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle

Redlocks Review: Nuby Silicone Feeding Spoon


Redlocks is here bring you a review from Nuby their 100% Silicone Feeding Spoon!  This spoon is great for babies experiencing their first solids because it is so soft on their gums.  The spoon is squishy and flexible making it ideal for their tender gums and new teeth.

This spoon comes in bring fun colors AND comes with an awesome hygienic carrying case which is perfect for traveling and eating out!


The Soft Flex spoon makes it easy to clean excess food from around baby’s mouth, which is great because my little guy rarely comes out of meals unscathed by extra food.  The deep bowl allows you to scoop the desired amount of food for your baby-not too much and not too little!


The easy grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold during feeding-which helps because my little man is always reaching and grabbing to steal the spoon away from me! Not this time buddy! 

The Nuby Silicone Feeding Spoon is also really easy to clean as there are no “hidden” crevices that food can get stuck in.   This spoon is in the right price range and is very affordable!  This Nuby product is also BPA free and available now at Amazon!

Kohen’s is eating some delicious organic apples during this meal, what are your favorite foods to feed baby? Comment below! 


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle

Pogo Pass: Las Vegas Fun for the Whole Family!

When it comes to raising a family in Las Vegas it can be hard to find fun family things to do.   Not only that all of the activities, venues, and museums can get really pricey!! I have great news for my Vegas friends! Pogo Pass is now open and active in Las Vegas! This is ONE pass that gets you in to several different family fun activities and museums! SCORE!!  Here is a quick breakdown of just how amazing this deal is.

Using my code REDLOCKS, you can get your passes for 60% off! That takes them from $99.95 to only $39.98! If you’re hesitant, let me just break it down for you:


Cowabunga Bay: One visit: $30-$40 value (fall vs. summer pricing)

Power Up Gaming: 1 visit per month: $6 per visit x 12 months = $72 value

Sprigs Preserve: 1 visit: $5-$18 value (resident child to non resident adult)

Discovery Children’s Museum: 1 visit: $14.50 value

Las Vegas 51’s: 2 games: approx $12 value

Nevada Climbing Center: 1 visit: $10-$14 value

Battle Blast Laser Tag: 1 visit: $8.50 value

Bouncy World: 1 visit: $10-$12 value

Lion Habitat Ranch: 1 entry a $20 value

Rockin’ Jump: 1 hour jump session: $14 value

Red Rock Resort, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Texas Station Bowling Allies: 2 games per location per month: that makes 8 games per month at $3 per game: $24 per month x 12 months: $288 value!! (Pass does not cover shoe rental)

Holy Cow you guys!! That makes the total value of the Las Vegas Pogo Pass…

To order your own Las Vegas Pogo Pass follow this link and enter the code REDLOCKS to get 60% off!

I have been to almost all of these places and we always have a great time!  Have SO much fun at all of these family friendly venues!  I know my family will!  We will definitely be hitting up one of the venues this weekend!

Version 2


Your Redlocks and Shamrock Girl,

Lisa Doyle

Kohen’s Shark Nursery!


Nursery decorating might be my favorite!  I LOVED decorating Logan’s mermaid themed room and I was so excited to have a boy to do a more masculine bedroom.   I always like to go with a “non-baby” themed room so that the room can grow with the child into their elementary years.  For Kohen, we decided to go with a shark theme since he and Logan share a bathroom it would somewhat go with mermaids.


A common nursery paint design is stripes and with doing a shark themed stripes were really an easy choice for a nautical component.   But I wanted to do something different so I went with a modified pallet wall!   This was SO easy and simple to put together (well for my husband and friend to put together.)   The hardest part was transporting the wood from Home Depot to our house.  lol.   I also went with a light gray as a base color, making the distressed wood “pop.”   See original tutorial here, although I did not use her same wood staining process.

Light fixture is from World Market sold here


Crib:  Babies R Us-Sold out

Sheet:  Sold at Babies R us and Bed Bath and Beyond See here (Best way to save money is NOT buy the whole bedding set- you don’t need that quilt, or bumper bc of SIDs.)

Blanket: Etsy See seller here



Gallery Wall from various bought and made by me decor.



Distressed wood shark is from Etsy sold here


Shark storage bins sold here

The dresser and armoire is a vintage future set passed down in the O’Rourke family.   Originally yellow and purchased by the mob, yes THE LAS VEGAS MOB, was given to my mom as a baby shower gift.   This set was refinished in the 90’s by my grandmother to go in my room and now it is in Logan’s and Kohen’s room.


My FAVORITE nursery tradition, as we did this in Logan’s room too, is to have every family member paint a small canvas print to add to the nursery.  I love that this adds a little personalization to the room and you can guess what each family member painted–and if you can’t guess they write notes to the baby on the back.  Once the baby is born, we add in their footprint design.   You can see Kohen’s foot on the bottom right.   Note: Logie’s artwork on the bottom left.  


Black out nautical curtains sold by by amazon here.  Curtains that block out light will really help you for nap tme!

I hope you liked taking a look in Kohen’s nursery!


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle


Liebster Award!

Starting a blog is a fun journey and you definitely learn something new everyday! One thing that I have loved about starting a blog is connecting with other moms and bloggers all over the world! It has been so cool meeting women in the same life journey as me going through the same or similar challenges and joys.   One mom and blogger who I have connected with has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Check out Justine at! Its crazy that we met through Instagram, but she worked with several of my friends out in Las Vegas!   Now she is doing amazing things on the other side of the country because her hubby is in the military.   Thanks so much for nominating me Justine!


The Liebster Award is a chain of awards that help people to discover new blogs. In this chain, the award is given to a number of nominees, who then pass the award on to other new bloggers, and the chain goes on. The rules for receiving the award are simple:


 Here are Justine’s questions for me:

  1. As women, it’s only natural to nit pick at yourself. So, what is your best personality characteristic and what is your best physical feature?

I would say my best personality characteristic is that I am hardworking. I really work hard for the things that I have and I consider myself an overachiever. I think my best physical feature is my hair- hence the redlocks in my shamrocks!

  1. What is a white lie you told your kids? If you don’t have kids yet, what are some white lies that your parents told you that you believed for the longest time?

I have told my two year old that the TV is broken when I didn’t want her to watch a show or that we were all out of a certain food. Sorry Logie!

  1. What is your favorite holiday and why?

I am Halloween and Thanksgiving obsessed!!! I am so STOKED they are coming up! I love these two holidays because they are about getting dressed up and eating-two of my favorite things lol.   I also love these holidays because there is no pressure to give or get gifts, its about being thankful and celebrating.

  1. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging for a creative outlet for my desire to write and to work on my hobby of photography.   So far after only having my blog for a little over a month I have gained more knowledge of photography and it has felt so good writing again! I am so happy I started Redlocks and Shamrocks!

  1. How long have you been blogging for?

I started by blog in July 2016! Newbie!!

  1. What do you love to do when you have free time?

What is free time??? Lol Do moms get free time? But in my free time I blog or watch Netflix with my husband or workout.

  1. What is your dream job?

Right now I am a mom, teacher, blogger, and hobbyist photographer.   I would love to be a blogger or photographer fulltime. Or just hit the lottery so I never have to work!

  1. If you won $500 million, what would you do with it?

Retire!!!! I would just love to be with my family 24/7!

  1. Describe your personal style.

I would say classic, chic, and girly…..or workout clothes and dirty hair there really isn’t an in between with me.  Totally dressed up or totally a mess!

  1. What morals do you hope to instill in your kids?

There are so many! But to give a general answer to be good people who treat all others with kindness, respect, and manners.

  1. What are your pet peeves?

Chewing loudly.   Yuck.

Here are 11 Random Facts About Me!

  1. My husband first said “I love you” to me under the Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve. Awww.
  2. I have two fur-babies: Max a boston terrier and Piccadilly a dachshund.
  3. My parents met and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and have been together since high school.   They moved out to Las Vegas because my mom was a dancer and my dad was a musician.   They kicked it with the mob a lot during old Las Vegas!   My furniture, that’s now in my kid’s room, was given as a gift from the Las Vegas Mob. Siegfried and Roy also came to my mom’s baby shower!  So my parents are Las Vegas OGs.
  4. I have danced my entire life!! When I was younger I did competitive dance and then in college was the captain of the UNLV Rebel Girls. It was such a great experience!
  5. I turn everything into a song and dance routine. From doing laundry to breastfeeding to grocery shopping-I either I have parody song made up or a dance to it.
  6. I have super sensitive sense of smell and hearing.   I can hear a pin drop and can always tell when my husband has eaten some chocolate without me.
  7. I am a NEAT freak!!!! My house can never be clean enough! My two year old has even learned how to use a coaster for her sippy cup-you go Logie!
  8. I love iced tea and coffee!!! Yum!
  9. I have always loved to write.   I kept a journal/diary since I was in middle school all through college.   Recently found by my husband, I trashed them all due to embarrassment, maybe I will regret that, but right now I couldn’t risk him knowing all my embarrassing tales.
  10. My family is all talented.   My mom was a professional dancer-she even partnered and toured with Patrick Swayze.   My dad has self taught himself how to play several instruments- guitar, trumpet, and piano just to name a few.   My brother Michael can play the drums like nobody’s business. And my brother Matt, the most talented of all, is one of the most amazing guitarists around!! He can play anything by ear and has traveled the whole world because of his skills. My husband and I think Logan has gotten the O’Rourke gene for music (or we are at least hoping!)
  11. My family is home movie obsessed.   Back in the late 80s a “documentary” was made titled “The O’Rourkes.” This tape has been quoted at almost every family gathering and any person close enough to any of my family members has been lucky enough-or tortured- to watch it.

I’m nominating 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award!

These are some blogs that I love to read!

  1. Katy @ Raising Krazy
  2. The Bow Mommy (You have to translate her blog, but you won’t be disappointed with her Instagram feed!)
  3. Jamie @ Surviving The Bubble
  4. Mace, Emily, and Haley @ blondesense702 (I watched these girls grow up, they are all so fashionable, super cute, and doing big things!)
  5. Emily @ Just Playing House
  6. Julianna @ This Mom Life Lowe Down
  7. Ashleigh @ Sunday Comfy (Check out her photography too, its amazing!)
  8. Abby @ Up North and Personal (I love her workouts with her baby!)
  9. Tiller Trio(I love her story and that she shares her daughter’s struggle with cCMV)
  10. Sarah @ Seeing all Sides
  11. Kristyn @ Everyones Sleeping But Mom

**So I broke some of the qualifying rules for this award, sue me!  These are great blogs and great women!

Here are my 11 questions for you to answer:

  1. What has been the best lesson you have learned while blogging?
  2. What is the biggest challenge you have overcame?
  3. What is one fashion accessory you could not live without?
  4. What is your biggest fear?
  5. How do you find time in your busy day to blog?
  6. What is your all time favorite book?
  7. If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life where would it be?
  8. What was the topic of the blogpost that has gotten the most views on your site?
  9. Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?
  10. Who is the first person you call when you are upset?
  11. If money were not object, where would you go on vacation?

Thank so much Justine for nominating me on this blogger award, which is given by other bloggers! This was a very scary journey for me to start and it so great to have a positive supportive blogging community.  


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle