Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party! Looking back on Logan’s First Birthday

Teddy Bears Picnic First Birthday Party!

Looking back on Logan’s First Birthday

I cannot believe my little girl is going to be two years old soon!   That first year of parenthood is a serious challenge and the milestone of your baby hitting one years old is a great accomplishment.   Logan quickly earned the nickname “Logie Bears” so throwing her a Teddy Bear’s Picnic themed party seemed fitting.    This year for Logan’s second birthday we are doing a small party with family and I will be blogging about “a memorial birthday celebration on a budget.”   Stay tuned for that post!  In the meantime, here is our princess on her first birthday!


Logan’s cute little outfit details:

Bow:  Etsy

Oneise:  Made by mom

Tutu: Etsy (After this event I figured out how to make them on my own for WAY cheaper)

Shoes:  Ross (Under 5 bucks!)


First:  Party Picnic decor!



I got these cute teddy bears from Oriental Trading for each of Logan’s little friends to “adopt.”


I made these teddy bears from a store bought spheres (on clearance, because who wants brown!) and added construction paper.   These were so easy to throw together!

IMG_0677Monthly Pictures to display of Logie Bears IMG_0678IMG_0689IMG_0693IMG_0804IMG_0808

Next stop:  Party Picnic Food!

Now to the food for the party!  I love to make AND buy food, sometimes making food can save you money, but not piece of mind.   On the other hand, buying food can be REALLY expensive which is why I like to do both.

Not pictured:  Sub sandwiches from Port of Subs.   It would have been more cost effective to make sandwiches myself, but for piece of mind I ordered a tray of sandwiches.

Cake SMASH time!

Some moms spend MAJOR money on smash cakes when the one year old barely gets any in their mouth!   I know some bakeries can charge around 50 dollars for one small cake!  That’s insane.   I spent a total of ZERO dollars on this cake.  YES NOTHING!   I talked to the bakery at my local grocery store and with buying two dozen cupcakes they threw in this small cake for free!  SCORE!

Thanks for reliving our baby girl’s first birthday party!   I can’t believe Logan will be two soon!

Until Next Time XOXO

Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle


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