Pogo Pass: Las Vegas Fun for the Whole Family!

When it comes to raising a family in Las Vegas it can be hard to find fun family things to do.   Not only that all of the activities, venues, and museums can get really pricey!! I have great news for my Vegas friends! Pogo Pass is now open and active in Las Vegas! This is ONE pass that gets you in to several different family fun activities and museums! SCORE!!  Here is a quick breakdown of just how amazing this deal is.

Using my code REDLOCKS, you can get your passes for 60% off! That takes them from $99.95 to only $39.98! If you’re hesitant, let me just break it down for you:


Cowabunga Bay: One visit: $30-$40 value (fall vs. summer pricing)

Power Up Gaming: 1 visit per month: $6 per visit x 12 months = $72 value

Sprigs Preserve: 1 visit: $5-$18 value (resident child to non resident adult)

Discovery Children’s Museum: 1 visit: $14.50 value

Las Vegas 51’s: 2 games: approx $12 value

Nevada Climbing Center: 1 visit: $10-$14 value

Battle Blast Laser Tag: 1 visit: $8.50 value

Bouncy World: 1 visit: $10-$12 value

Lion Habitat Ranch: 1 entry a $20 value

Rockin’ Jump: 1 hour jump session: $14 value

Red Rock Resort, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Texas Station Bowling Allies: 2 games per location per month: that makes 8 games per month at $3 per game: $24 per month x 12 months: $288 value!! (Pass does not cover shoe rental)

Holy Cow you guys!! That makes the total value of the Las Vegas Pogo Pass…

To order your own Las Vegas Pogo Pass follow this link and enter the code REDLOCKS to get 60% off!

I have been to almost all of these places and we always have a great time!  Have SO much fun at all of these family friendly venues!  I know my family will!  We will definitely be hitting up one of the venues this weekend!

Version 2


Your Redlocks and Shamrock Girl,

Lisa Doyle

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