Easy Family Halloween Costumes


This Redlocks and Shamrocks girl is OBSESSED with Halloween!  I absolutely love getting dressed up and planning Halloween costumes.   Even as a little girl I would sketch out my costume ideas months in advance and mail them across the country to my grandmother who would make my dreams come true delivering me one of a kind costumes.   While in college I would hand make my -too revealing-costumes.   I love to SEMI-hand make costumes!  Here are a few EASY family costume ideas this this Halloween season! 

Two years ago for my daughter’s first Halloween we went as a fruity family-a strawberry, a banana, and a pineapple! I got her costume on sale at Carter’s, we got my husband’s banana costume off of Amazon, and I threw my costume together with a pineapple dress and made my headpiece out of scrapbook paper, a toilet paper roll, an old headband, and a ton of hot glue.  


The following year I was pregnant with my son and my daughter found her love for Elmo hence the Sesame Street costumes!

These were very easy to make!  For my husband’s Cookie Monster costume I bought an inexpensive blue hoodie, made cookies out of felt and puff paint, then glued on eyeballs made from styrofoam spheres and felt!   My VERY Big Bird costume was mainly purchased and jazzed up with a yellow feather boa and then I made feet out of felt.   For Logan’s Elmo costume I dyed a onesie red and glued on Elmo’s face out of felt.  I made her almost no-sew tutu and made her a simple headband with sequins and a fluffy boa.

This year for Halloween we decided to go as classic Halloween characters- a witch, a black cat, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster!  My two year old, after reading the book Room on the Broom, became obsessed with witches so we went with that theme.  img_9147img_9158img_9151

Our costumes for Halloween 2016 are half bought, half made by me!   I really like semi home making Halloween costumes.  I feel that it makes costumes more original and softer for kids to wear because store bought costumes are usually made our of cheep itchy material.

Logan’s Witchy Look:

Logan’s witch costume was mainly bought from Amazon and the Dollar Tree!  Yes!  The Dollar Tree!   I jazzed up the store bought items with ribbon and made a almost no-sew tutu. 

Tights and Leotard: Amazon

Shoes: Target sold here

Hat {Jazzed up with ribbon by me}, Broom, Witch Nose, Feather Boa: Dollar Tree

Tutu: Made by me.

Mommy’s Black Cat Look:

For my mommy Halloween look I like to be comfortable as well as find things I already own to wear.   Some parents don’t dress up for the holiday, but come on don’t be a Grinch!  You don’t have to go crazy to be festive.  I tried to do cute cat make up, but this is not a beauty blog because this girl sucks at fancy makeup! It was a mom fail and was washed off quickly.  lol 

And how fun are these super cute cat socks!

Black Dress:  Forever 21..under 16 dollars!  Sold here

Cat Ears: Forever 21… under 4 bucks! Sold here

Boa: Dollar Tree

Cat Socks: Amazon

Shoes: Steve Madden

Kohen and Daddy’s Dr. Frankenstein and FrankenBABY Monster Look:

Who doesn’t love Frankenstein for Halloween!  One common mistake on Halloween is people think the green faced creature is named Frankenstein.  This English teacher knows the classic Mary Shelley novel and ‘Frankenstein’ is actually Victor Frankenstein the mad scientist who created a monster.  🙂 There is your short lesson for the day.   Any-who…. I love these two and their simple costumes!

Dad’s Lab Coat and Wig: Amazon

Dr Head Mirror:  Made by me out of tin foil, cardboard, a headband, and of course hot glue!

Kohen’s Shirt: Target {on clearance, under 5 dollars!} I jazzed it up with puff paint and felt patches.

Kohen’s hat: Etsy sold here {I’m not THAT talented to make it myself lol}

Simple baby costumes are key.  The first year with Logan’s puffy strawberry costume was so cute, but it wasn’t practical.   The costume had to be taken off for her to fit in the car seat and WHO thought tights were good for quick diaper changes?  I wanted to keep Kohen’s costume simple and warm so a beanie, shirt, pant combo was perfect!


We will definitely be getting our money’s worth out of our costumes this year as for many trunk-or-treats and Halloween festivities wears! Have a fun and save Halloween this year Redlocks and Shamrocks readers!

What are you being for Halloween this year?  AND Where are you going to be trick or treating? Comment below!


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle


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