Redlocks Review: Nuby Silicone Feeding Spoon


Redlocks is here bring you a review from Nuby their 100% Silicone Feeding Spoon!  This spoon is great for babies experiencing their first solids because it is so soft on their gums.  The spoon is squishy and flexible making it ideal for their tender gums and new teeth.

This spoon comes in bring fun colors AND comes with an awesome hygienic carrying case which is perfect for traveling and eating out!


The Soft Flex spoon makes it easy to clean excess food from around baby’s mouth, which is great because my little guy rarely comes out of meals unscathed by extra food.  The deep bowl allows you to scoop the desired amount of food for your baby-not too much and not too little!


The easy grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold during feeding-which helps because my little man is always reaching and grabbing to steal the spoon away from me! Not this time buddy! 

The Nuby Silicone Feeding Spoon is also really easy to clean as there are no “hidden” crevices that food can get stuck in.   This spoon is in the right price range and is very affordable!  This Nuby product is also BPA free and available now at Amazon!

Kohen’s is eating some delicious organic apples during this meal, what are your favorite foods to feed baby? Comment below! 


Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,

Lisa Doyle