Why Redlocks and Shamrocks?

Why Redlocks and Shamrocks?cropped-artboard-1.png

So I know you have many questions about Redlocks and Shamrocks. Why did she name it that? Why even start a blog? What will I read on this blog of Lisa’s? She has two kids and works full time, who has time!? She is crazy!

Well let’s first start off with why I wanted to start blogging.   I have always been a writer of my thoughts.   I’ve kept a journal since I was in middle school writing down the journeys and questions of a crazy teenage girl. In college I first had the major of journalism because of my love for writing, but soon changed it to education to teach writing.   Flash forward to decades down the road to me not having a creative outlet of dancing or writing when the idea of blogging hit me after some people have reached out to me via social media for random advice. I was getting questions from people like, “where did you get that maternity dress?” “What camera do you use?” “Does Logan ever do…..” to “What photographer did you use for your wedding?” So I thought why not start a blog to help others and start a resource for girls to go to, and maybe even for other moms and women to share their thoughts and advice.IMG_4273

The name “Redlocks and Shamrocks” is something that represents me.   My redlocks are my signature “look” and has always made me stand out in a crowd.   Shamrocks is something that represents the Doyle’s, or the beginning of my super cool family.   My husband and I although briefly met years prior to, met on St. Patrick’s Day-dressed in green with love in our eyes.   It really was love at first sight and I knew going home that evening that Kerry was a great catch.   St. Patrick’s Day since then has always been the Doyle holiday.   We even had a St. Patrick’s Day themed rehearsal dinner for our wedding in the middle of June. I wish I could say that I was creative enough to come up with the name Redlocks and Shamrocks, but that was all my talented husband’s idea.

So on to the next questions you have, what will you read on this amazing blog? At any given point I have 1,000 ideas running through my head.   I am no way a perfect parent but I sure am trying to give my kids the best life and I hope to write about that.   I will share product reviews and tips on parenting, beauty, fashion, and hobbies of mine.   I have no idea how to answer the last question, “How will this working mother of two young children do this?” I don’t know, but I am going to give it a good shot and drink lots and lots of coffee on the way!

Until next time XOXO

Your Redlocks and Shamrocks girl,

Lisa Doyle

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